Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rihanna/Chris Brown: Ending Violence Against Women and Girls (The Remix)

My mentor and good friend Kevin Powell has long been outspoken about issues concerning domestic violence and violence against women. This is his latest piece on the issue in light of the recently alleged incident involving Rihanna and Chris Brown.- J. Russell

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JanaB said...

Something the GW women in the School of Public Health have been discussing is our absolute disgust for local radio stations like 95.5 WPGC where DJ's have failed to intervene when MEN and WOMEN have made statements like "What did she [Rihanna] do to deserve it?"
I personally have been a victim of dating violence and I know that I did nothing that warranted having my head repeatedly kicked.
Rumor has it that Chris Brown was a victim of growing up in an abusive home which is vicious cycle of violence, SO WHY COULDN'T THE DJ's DISCUSS these very issues????
As I would say on my blog. . . 95.5 you get a DEPLORABLE rating!